Thursday, May 3, 2012

Job Application for Harry Potter 's Exhibit Hosts at Art Science Museum,

Dearest ,  good muggles folks of the Museum, 

I am writing in for the job application of Exhibit Hosts. 

(I Knew that you already had enough crazy fans writing in already, but do give me a chance.
I am not only a huge fan of harry potter books , movies but also a responsible job seeker who is hardworking and  a fast learner .)

Will definitely make this job the pride of my whole life , yes yes.... it's something that I might be able to tell my grandchildren about when i get old  ) 

My resume is attached , and a photo of myself .
My cover letter : 
  • (Only got ' O ' Level as my highest qualifications but I am sure I will get an A+ if there's an examination on anything Harry Potter )

  • Excellent customer service is what I have . Worked in sales for 5 years , customer services and admin in golf industry for 3 years . 

  • Worked in various trade exhibitions recently. 

  • Love to interact with people from all over the world . (Young & old wizards or witches , I love muggles too. Though i hope trolls are not allow.  ) 

  • Excellent communication skills . Out-going personality ,positive attitude,  bubbly and easy going. 

  • I'm in excellent health and able to walk and stand for long hours. ( Strong hands too , my wand weights 3 pounds by the way , with phoenix feather core , star dust and yew wood if you want to know )

  • Plus I am a good and strong quidditch player too.Just to add on to one of my additional strenghts.

  • I am currently not working so i am ready to start anytime .
  • I am still seeking for my ''dream job'' ahem... which is what i am applying for now ........ 

  • Hope to at least have a chance for an interview.  (Please , If not I will send you a howler ! )

Hope to get your reply soon .
(We don't use owls nowadays. Too slow...  We use apple 'iphones' now , give me a buzz ok ?) 

Thank you 
Shanice XOXOXO

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