Thursday, July 12, 2012

The legendary Renee Tan of facebook contests.

I love to join contests , esp . facebook contests . 
I have a group of about 20+ people who are also passionate about contests .
After half a year of joining fb contests regularly , you will bound to see a lot of familiar names. 
This woman here is particularly very sinister
Okay maybe a bit too kiasu , don't wanna give other people to have a play at the contest kind.......( I guess she wasn't taught how to share her toys when she was growing up ) 
 bit of a ''stalker'' personality too (she subscribed to my contest group leader's fb feeds
and mine too ....but being me( -__- )  i closed that option ) 


She can take part in one contest using so many entries .......I mean you can ask your bf , gf , brother , sister , mother or father to join right ? Why do you need to take up so many spaces ?

Then all the votes become very very high in a few days !

Recently she is doing it again at the The contest ended but her entry suddenly appeared at the 1st place now . 
Still waiting for the Lancome singapore to announce the winners ! $500 lancome hamper is at stake .

Yeah.... that's her facebook link :

I will update this post with more of her ''kiasu-ism'' soon.

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