Saturday, December 29, 2012

Oh so u are a lifestyle blogger ah ....

I came across a blog today .The blogger won an iPad on a Facebook contest . This lady call herself a lifestyle blogger .

Maybe I can call myself a lifestyle blogger too ....

Blog about the prizes I won ?
Yeah .... Maybe ....I could do that week after week but who wants to know ?

But I never win iPad lah.... Just a LG tv , a Samsung note 10.1 , the 'carter ' watch ( not Cartier lah ) and other small things .

Nope I did not an all expenses paid trip to london or air tickets to Hongkong or Taiwan . Not even a trip to batam .

So More photos from your 'lifestyle ' blogger ....

"My lollipop dreams "

Merry Christmas 2012

Time files ... Once again it's Christmas ! Some photos of me ! What else to blog but more photos I took when I am free ?