Friday, February 1, 2013

AxSerPro Marketing Consultancy Private Limited

AxSerPro Marketing Consultancy Private Limited

I WON $600 cash ! 

Yes, I couldn't believe it myself either.  But it's true ! 

Because all you had to do was to like the page on Facebook,
like their photo,
and share their photo! 
(constantly sharing , me shared 4 times and liking their posts , tagging the page too ) 
Good news must share right?!
Please love me more for sharing this.
The company that I won the $600 cash from is Axserpro Marketing Consultancy Private Limited 
which is a marketing and mobile application solution provider.

They have 10 sets of iPad to give away and I am their 8th winner.
I choose the cash instead of the ipad although winning an ipad is my year long contest joining dream. 
Level 600 of contest joining unlocked !! 
To all those people who think that my constant sharing of good news on facebook are crappy 
and a waste of time ,please think again. You seriously don't know what you are missing out on. 
Lastly ,for those who believe. Keep sharing and keep winning :) 

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